Shifty EyedHurray for Shiftywood!
Feeling blue? Not exactlySuccess is this way? Wait, THAT way
It's me... Shifty!
Heart Throb. Poet. Salesman. Pariah. Genius. Philosopher. Celebrity. Dead Broke. I didn’t sniff you.
Hello there. My name is Shifty McGee. I am from French Canada. We’re the country that hates that other Canada, the same way New York, New Mexico and New Carolina hate the “old” ones.

I wanted to introduce myself because first of all the best dating sites charge too much money and want me to fill out a lot of surveys. I didn’t know there would be a test!

I am a man about town, especially when I miss my bus stop. I am also a mover and a shaker, but not because I have ParkerStevenson’s disease. To know me is to love me, I promise. I have very intimate knowledge of myself, and I love me! I don’t even require much food or beverage before I put out.

The SHIFTY Revolution!
Pledge on my Indiegogo film project!


Some pretty creative producers are writing and shooting a short movie starring ME (no, REALLY!) and you too can be a hotshot producer and impress the ladies. Not everyone can be Shifty, but everyone (who has a bit of cash) CAN be a producer on their short film Purge Your Loser.

The Indiegogo campaign runs from August 2 - September 30 and if they make their budget, the film shoots the last weekend of October in Los Angeles. They are offering some nifty Shifty memorabilia with every contribution, including a night out in YOUR town with me, Shifty, as your wingman! How can you lose?

Go to the indiegogo Page!