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Feeling blue? Not exactlySuccess is this way? Wait, THAT way
It's me... Shifty!
Heart Throb. Poet. Salesman. Pariah. Genius. Philosopher. Celebrity. Dead Broke. I didn’t sniff you.
Hello there. My name is Shifty McGee. I am from French Canada. We’re the country that hates that other Canada, the same way New York, New Mexico and New Carolina hate the “old” ones.

I wanted to introduce myself because first of all the best dating sites charge too much money and want me to fill out a lot of surveys. I didn’t know there would be a test!

I am a man about town, especially when I miss my bus stop. I am also a mover and a shaker, but not because I have ParkerStevenson’s disease. To know me is to love me, I promise. I have very intimate knowledge of myself, and I love me! I don’t even require much food or beverage before I put out.

The SHIFTY Revolution!
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Some pretty creative producers are writing and shooting a short movie starring ME (no, REALLY!) and you too can be a hotshot producer and impress the ladies. Not everyone can be Shifty, but everyone (who has a bit of cash) CAN be a producer on my short film Purge Your Loser.

The Kickstarter runs from July 15 - August 15 and if they make their budget, the film shoots starting the first weekend of September in Los Angeles. They are offering some nifty Shifty memorabilia with every contribution, including a night out in YOUR town with me, Shifty, as your wingman! How can you lose?

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